Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ice Cream Puppies!

Tonight our local GRC (Gold Rush Champions) had an ice cream social at an amazing food and ice cream parlor called Leatherby's.
"Hi, I'm Spunky.. want some ice cream?!"

Felice, Service Dog, driving the Ice Cream Cart

Spunky and I already had a busy day after she had her first experience at the gym, then attended a movie, but we were both up for going and visiting our buddies to get some ice cream (yes I know.. I went to the gym... but I was working off my calories so I could eat it.. well that's what I tell myself).

We had a large group of us at dinner (35 +), and we all took up two long tables. My favorite part had to be all the tiny pups attending dinner..It was nice to get a baby puppy fix. Little Thompson, Froomin and France were there for me to cuddle with. 

Baby France..She made me want a black puppy so bad!
Silly Froomin 
My mom and I sat with our friends Wendy, Dave, Mark and Debbie. Our other friends were there too but they weren't sitting near us.. so we didn't get a chance to talk. We ordered our dinner and chatted with everyone, and I held the baby puppies! When our dinner and ice cream arrived, I had to snap a picture of it with my new pal for the next few months, Flat Stanley. He is visiting with Spunky and me to attend our vacations.. which we will report back to an Alzheimer's facility who colored the Stanley's for us with our photos about once a week. The lady who works there has a Facility dog through CCI and graduated in May 2011 with my mom! She has become good friends with our family.

Don't eat it all Stanley!

Puppy Photo Bomb!!!!! Appearance by Thompson

It was a great outing and an awesome chance to visit with friends. I can't wait for the next social outing. )

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  1. Ohhh 1,006!!! Missed it!!! =) What a fantastic outing. I love the puppies; so adorable. Baby France melts me and Froomin looks like a comedian!