Thursday, July 19, 2012

GRC goes to Berkeley!

What do you do when you have an open Saturday, and a bunch of GRC (Gold Rush Champions) puppy raisers? You go to Berkeley! Saturday the 14th, about 24 people and 14 dogs went on a train to head on a training outing! The faces on the train were great when they saw all of us with our many dogs! When we arrived, we all went our different ways and went shopping. Well... our plan was to shop! Many of us ended up stopping to talk about CCI and giving out information. Then we all met up for lunch at Spenger's for a yummy seafood lunch! While we all enjoyed our food the dogs practiced their under command. After lunch, a few of us stayed for the later train and enjoyed the extra time for a little more shopping. We all hopped back on the train and said our farewells to the nice cool city and headed back to warm Sacramento. All of the dogs were pooped on the train back and they slept the whole way home!

Halo driving the ship at Spengers!

Linny's turn!
Yalu says "I would rather swim! Why am I having to drive the ship?"

You can never have enough CCI dogs in hand!
Mr. Linny on the train!

Cate Monster
How much longer mommy?

Cate was so tired! Time to go home!