Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dog With a Blog...

Hey everyone.. Spunky here.. shh.. Mom doesn't know that I am taking over her blog. She has been slacking, so I have decided to take matters into my own hands.. well, paws. Last Friday mom and I attended the Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) graduation to see the dogs from our Chapter graduate and turn in. Halo (mom's first dog), rotated through but she didn't find her forever person. Mom was sad for the first couple days, but now is doing great and is keeping her fingers crossed for a February graduation. I wonder how long I will stay at advanced training! Halo has been there for 6 months so far. I miss her, but she is going to be such a great help to someone.

Halo on Turn-In Day back in May!

At the hotel room!

Last Thursday we arrived at our hotel which was right by the CCI campus. We were staying at the same hotel as my puppy raiser's moms service dogs puppy raisers were at. Confused yet?  My Mom (puppy raiser )raises dogs AND her mom (my grandma hehe) has a service dog (Felice) because she is in a wheelchair. So we were at the same hotel as Felice's puppy raisers. That was SO much fun! It was cool seeing Felice get excited to see her puppy raiser, who she hasn't seen in about 6 months. It is super cool that my grandma keeps in contact with her dogs puppy raiser. I hope that mom gets to stay in contact with whoever Halo goes to! 
Felice getting her nails done by her puppy raiser!

The next day it was graduation day. Mom was SO excited because she got to see her best friend and fellow puppy raiser who she hadn't seen in 9 months! They have been talking over fb and follow each others blogs. She was such a nice lady, and I can see why mom likes her and her family SO much! Their dog Haddie was graduating that day, and mom and I spent the whole day with them because they live far away, and it was our only day to be with them for a while. I was so excited to get to play in the big yard.. It's my favorite reason for going to the CCI campus! It's huge and I get to run and run and run with lots of other CCI dogs. When we headed over to the ceremonial hall, mom and I sat with her friend and her family, and Haddie. It was super cool getting to watch them bring up their dog and pass over the leash. I also knew some of the other dogs graduating from my own chapter! Paisley, Cami and Shelley graduated which was super cool! I was sad to see my friends Wistar and Wilda get turned in though. :( I hope they are having fun at dog college. The blue vests are just SO cool, and I want to wear one when I get older.
Left to Right: Sheriff, Me, Sunny and Seneca (My siblings!)


Haddie giving me tips for Advanced Training

Cami seeing Mom! Giving her a goodbye kiss!

That Saturday, we left the hotel, but we hung out and went to the mall, and then a winery. It was so pretty and everyone was looking at me.. it's like I am a people magnet. Mom says something about my fluffy fur that makes even more people look at me.
I like to carry Felice's leash and take her with me wherever I go.

I LOVE minions!

I is Spunk-punzle

Paying close attention to mom 

Fountains are pretty

Ah... Buena Vista Winery

I PROMISE I will tell mom to get back onto her blogging grind. If she doesn't, don't worry.. I will blog for her...

Woofs and Kisses,

Spunky- Dog stealing her moms blog.