Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The last week of Christmas break my dad and I took the adventure to Disneyland! I had heard that it was the best outing to take your dog too, and so I knew we had to go. Halo is a pretty easy dog to handle so I knew she would be up to the challenge. Characters, lots and lots of people, and many new experiences.
 Halo was so amazing. She wore those adorable Minnie Ears around the park. I gave her breaks from them, but when she wore them she didn't try and take them off. When we first arrived at the park we stopped by City Hall to grab Halo a first visit pin! That pin was a hit. Everyone who walked by commented that Halo had a pin and that she was wearing ears. Lots of people stopped to ask if they could take a picture of her, and others would walk by and you would see them stop and stare.

 Halo wasn't afraid of the characters at all. I was really happy because that gave me the excuse to go up to all the characters. Boy did we get some cute pictures with all of them.

 Did you know that Disneyland has handy dandy "Hurry" spots?! Well they do. If you see a gate with a person and a pup, the gate opens and there you can have your dog relieve themselves. I was sure to give Halo lots of "Hurry" breaks, water break, and just resting time. It was a lot but Halo sure slept well at the hotel each night.

I made sure to get Halo a light to wear around her neck for the night time. It sure made it easier for people to spot her. She's yellow and was still hard to spot. If I have a black dog in the park I would be sure to add more lighting than just the necklace. People aren't very good at looking where they are going.

Halo LOVED Pluto. I think we went up to meet him about 15 times. She had the cutest reaction whenever we went up to meet him. She started wagging her tail and would just be so excited. I made sure we stopped to visit him whenever we spotted him while walking by.

Overall this was a great trip. If you have faith that your dog would be up for the task, I would bring them to Disneyland. It is great for the experience for them and yourself. It was really good bonding time with miss Halo. I can't wait to see where she goes in her CCI life. She really knows how to make her momma proud.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Long Time.. No "Speak"!

You know when your life goes so many different directions that you started a project and you completely forget about it. That's me and my blog. I started it with good intentions and then I completely forgot about it. Now I am back.. and hopefully can remember to update it more often.

Our trip to Disneyland. Will blog about this adventure next time!

So much has happened since summer. I am currently in my second semester of Senior year now. So close to being done, it's hard to believe how fast high school goes by. Speaking of fast.. my "baby" turns-in MAY! Where did the time go? She enters Big Dog class next month. Pretty soon Halo won't be the baby in the family because February 5th.. I pick up my newest addition to the family.. Spunky. Spunky is a full golden retriever puppy. I've been preparing myself for this new adventure I have taken on. Overlapping by three months is a lot, but I know I can do it! I have been fortunate enough to be able to visit my new puppy before I even pick her up because the breeder/caretakers are so close.


My newest baby and me :)

I am also very excited for my next puppy because her sister "Sheriff" will be co- raised by our local contract trainer, Carly and another awesome puppy raiser Stephanie. I can't wait to watch the two grow up together.

Left: Spunky Right: Sheriff