Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chalk n' Trains

I could tell you the reason I haven't updated in forever is because I have had a busy summer, college has started and so many other "reasons".. but the fact is.. I haven't blogged... and my lovely friend who I have grown so close to.. even just over text... reminded me that I need to BLOG! So here I am.. coming back to my poor neglected blog that I always have so many intentions of updating weekly.

Today there was an event in Sacramento called Chalk it Up. Spunky and I got into the car and drove into the city... which I don't travel to by myself often. I did need some help finding my way from my friend who was already there.. after I figured I needed help after traveling down some one way streets that were taking me further and further away from the event. We got to the event which was at a park where people pay for a spot to display their artwork on the sidewalk.. and the proceeds go to charity. One of my puppy raiser friends daughter was the one participating in the event.. was drawing CCI dogs. It turned out really cute and she is going back to finish it tomorrow. She did a really nice job. While other puppy raisers and myself were watching her draw.. we hung around with the dogs.. getting oohs and awws about how cute our pups were. After being there for a few hours Spunk and I were getting hot and headed back to the car... which we may have gotten a little turned around on the walk back too hehe.
Working on the artwork

COC-Lucinda and Skilled Companion- Wuest 

Breeder- Sabina :)

Fluffy Spunks!

How the artwork was looking when Spunky and I headed out

Hearing Dog Jonesy

I've been really into taking  photos lately... and so even though it was really hot out for the both of us.. we stopped at old historic Folsom to take some pictures on the way home. The train history place was open so we stopped by in there for a couple quick shots. We didn't get too far because Spunky wasn't into cooperating for my photo taking idea. I like the way a few of them came out though. :) I just can't stop taking pictures of my cutie. We will have to go back again soon when it's not as hot.

Always Squinting.. silly Golden

checking out gold panning


  1. Amazing chalk work!!! And sweet Spunky looks good in any photo!! What a fun weekend!!! Thanks for Bloggin!!! ;)

    1. anything for you... hehe. All that texting to me. Gosh.....I finally had to give in.. :P Or else I know I wouldn't be allowed to come stay with you. hahaha

  2. I was just thinking a reminder to BLOG might be in order! Not like I can talk, hehe! The chalk art is so amazing, and Spunky is so gorgeous! too! :)

    1. I know right! I always forget.. heeh. Thank you... She is a cutie... hehe